Five of Diamonds

Summer Mountain Bike Route

Proposed FIVE OF DIAMONDS sign.jpg

The Five of Diamonds is our flagship summer mountain bike route that links together most of the individual bike trails at our ski hill. It was developed through the incredible support of the 2 Tyred Builders (sub group of the South Whiteshell Trail Association), and its passionate volunteers.  

This challenging and technical route winds through the boreal forest and over granite outcrops of the Canadian Shield. There is a strong variation of challenging rock-faces, some easy single track, lots of wood features, a few steep drop-roll downs and machine built switchback climbs. The route is 7 km long and well marked with red signage. It is free to use and open to the public with the purchases of your Whiteshell Provincial Park Pass. 

Download the free GPS Trail Forks app to navigate with your smart phone while you are on route. With this app you will be able to discover many more of the South Whiteshell Trail Association trails. Click on the "Trail Karma" button and be sure to make a donation to help our trail building cause! Every dollar you donate will be put directly towards the Five of Diamonds mountain bike trail development at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes and Falcon Trails Resort.