Programming: Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes is excited to host a 2019 Adventure Forest Club. This program is designed to connect children to the lake and forests of Falcon Trails, through safe exploration, play and mentorship. Our programming is focused on outdoor exploratory play and mentorship. The program will run every Saturday, February 2 - March 9,  2019, from 1:30 pm- 3:30 pm for children ages 6-11 for 6 weeks. There will be 1 adult for every 6 kids to allow for the opportunity of one on one mentorship. Each week we will explore a new game and skill including (but not limited to) fort building, ice fishing, shelter making, capture the flag, and fire making. The mentors will help facilitate this exploration offering skills, experiences, stories and guidance.

6 Week Saturday afternoon “Adventure Time”  » February 2, 2019- March 9, 2019

  • 1:30-3:30

  • 2 hours of outdoor play and planned learning activity

  • Complimentary hot drink

  • 1 Educational Leader per 6 children

  • 1 Mentor

  • Ages 6-11

  • If you have a child who is younger than 6 or older then 11 please contact us so that we can accomodate and discuss your needs.

  • We would like to encourage drop ins if you are interested in one session

Program Leader:

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Kaylee Youngdahl Kaylee Youngdahl has over ten years experience as a Wilderness guide and educator. She has worked as a hunting guide in the Yukon for seven years and as a wilderness educator and guide in Alberta, BC, and the NWT. She grew up in the boreal forest and is excited to share and explore her wealth of knowledge about local wildlife, fauna, and environmental stewardship. Her passion for children and wilderness exploration makes her an exceptional leader and mentor. She is a Certified Childcare Assistant and is currently studying education at the University of Winnipeg. We are excited to have her on board to be the program leader!

Space: The weekly sessions will be held in a unique wall tent located at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes. This will be a safe and cozy warm up space. This space will be designed for story telling and indoor activities depending on variable weather. It will be an exciting place for the children to make into their own “forest home”.


We will be exploring:

  • Fort and Shelter making

  • Quinzee

  • Ice fishing

  • Fire Making

  • Make your own toboggan

  • Story Telling

  • Wilderness Games

  • Snow Sculptures


The Adventure Forest Club is an aspect of the long term vision to expand Falcon Ridge’s involvement in educational outdoor programming. Our Vision is centered around community, environmental stewardship, and connecting to future generations. This project is the first of many exciting events and adventures, fuelled by children’s interest and community involvement. We hope that this program will encourage children and adults to spend more time outside learning to appreciate, explore and love the forests and lakes of Manitoba.


We would like to encourage children to drop in for an afternoon, or purchase a package of classes. We would like to remain accessible for people visiting from urban areas.

$30 Drop in

$150 for 6 week program

$80 for group of 3 sessions


Please register today to reserve your spot for a session! Spots fill up fast!

We recommend calling in advance to book your spot so that the leaders have an idea of numbers. We would also like to encourage drop ins if you are at the ski hill for the day and have not heard of the program.

Kaylee Youngdahl

204 408 8200

Please contact me for further resources, and questions!