Snowdance 2018: January 19/20/21! Mark your calendars!


Stay tuned for ticket release dates and pricing and line up announcements!

Here are some killer videos from last year's fun:

Find those mittens your grandma made for you. Borrow your roommate’s boots. Put on all your long johns at once. Wear that really cool scarf that brings out the blue in your eyes (even if they’re brown). And head out to the woods for Snowdance, the wintery music festival at the Falcon Lake ski slopes.

Fill your lungs with pine tree air and catch some sweet air on our ski jumps. Or ski backwards all afternoon as slopes regular Mark Hood does. Or, just ski like a normal person.

Photos by Emily Christie and Jordan Janisse

While skiers get their kicks on the slopes, on stage in the chalet at the base of the hill will be bluegrass, pop, soul and a little rock n’ roll – live music Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday from some of the finest bands around these parts.

Things kick off Friday night with the show + funspiel at the Falcon Lake Curling Club. That's right, you can watch great bands and curling at the same time! Start getting your curling team together for the funspeil, we will be opening registration soon. Open to anyone, with or without experience!

Saturday afternoon will also be your big chance to get caught up on some of those wintertime skills that your grandparents are appalled you don’t already know. This year’s workshops are TBA, but last year we had blacksmithing, igloo building and trapping. Oh, and no joke, we're doing this:

That's right, skiing behind horses. Spectate or participate, but who would want to miss this? Well, maybe your kill-joy grade three teacher would. Take this chance to mark them absent.

Saturday night, we invade the Falcon Lake bar for the dance party portion of the festival, featuring general hooliganry in sweaters. The bar is attached to the hotel so book yourself a room at discounted Snowdance prices that are too low to print. Just kidding, here they are (link). Booking is so easy that it’s literally a piece of cake. Or at least we wish it was so that we could eat it. Edible booking procedures.

Are you somewhere between 1 and 100 years old? If so, see you out in the woods! The festival is hell of a good time for all ages. If you are younger than 1 or older than 100, same thing.

Winter is definitely in the top four seasons. Don’t let anyone tell you differently because Snowdance is proof.

2017 Schedule

2017 Schedule

(Subject to change)

FRI JAN 20: 7 pm - 1 am: Party + MINI BONSPIEL at the Falcon Lake Curling Club (in the townsite of Falcon Lake)**
8:00 pm: Heinrichs Maneuver
9:30: Micah Erenberg
11:00 pm: Ultra Mega

SAT JAN 21/17: 11 am- 7 pm: Live music and outdoor activities at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes

12:00 pm: Festival style workshop
1:00 pm: Festival style workshop
2:00 pm: Richard Inman
3:00 pm: Rugged Little Thing
4:00 pm: Evrytt Willow
5:00 pm: Joe Madden
6:00 pm: Dutch Elm
7:00 pm: Mulligrub

Ski Joring behind Horses with the Falcon Beach Ranch
Snow Sculpting with Lyle Peters
Turkey Shoot
Open Curling/Hockey on the lake
Night Tubing

SAT JAN 21/17: 9 pm- 2 am: Synonym Art Consultation presents Hot Mess Afterparty at the Falcon Lake Bar (affectionately known as the Last Resort)
9:30 pm: The Catamounts
10:30 pm: The Vinyl Salon
11:30 pm: 3Peat
12:30 pm: The Vinyl Salon

SUN JAN 22/17: 11 am- 4:30 pm: Live music and outdoor activities at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes + It's Ryan the groomer's birthday!!
12:00 pm: Sunday morning gospel
1:00 pm: Raine Hamilton
2:00 pm:
Taylor Ashton
Jesse Matas
Madeleine Roger


Snow-ga (yoga in the snow with Chrissy of South Moon Studio)

Ski joring with @Snow Motion: skijoring & kicksledding in Winnipeg
Shinny game (The Canadians vs. the Soviets
Open curling/hockey
Alpine Ski Race
Polar bear swim/sauna

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Heinrichs Maneuver

Micah Erenberg

Ultra Mega

Richard Inman

Rugged Little Thing

Evrytt Willow

Dutch Elm

Joe Madden

Jesse Matas


Madeline Roger

Raine Hamilton

New this year: Synonym Art Consultation presents Saturday Night Hot Mess Afterparty at the Last Resort (Falcon Bar) featuring:
The Catamounts
The Vinyl Salon

Get your tickets in advance, things sell out fast!

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2017 SCHEDULE: Stay tuned for the detailed lineup of music and winter activities.

FRI JAN 20: 7 pm - 1 am: Party + Mini-bonspiel at the Falcon Lake Curling Club (in the townsite of Falcon Lake)**
SAT JAN 21: 11 am- 7 pm: Live music and outdoor activities at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes
SAT JAN 21: 9 pm- 2 am: Synonym Art Consultation presents Party at the Falcon Lake Bar (affectionately known as the Last Resort)
SUN JAN 22: 11 am- 4:30 pm: Live music and outdoor activities at the Falcon Ridge Ski Slopes + It's Ryan the groomer's birthday!!

That's right folks, we've added Friday night fun to the weekend this year. We will be hosting a big shaker of a show at the curling club located in the townsite of Falcon Lake (a short walk from the Falcon Lake Resort Hotel). We will also be running a mini bonspiel during the show, so start putting your curling team together. The concert will be held in the rink viewing area, so you can watch the music and the curling AT THE SAME TIME. How great is that?

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»» To purchase tickets, contact the Falcon Trails office at 204.349.8273 ««

We expect a sellout so get your tickets early!!

Weekend Pass »» $60.00 SOLD OUT

Friday night »» $20.00
Saturday Day/Night »» $35.00 SOLD OUT
Saturday Night »» $20.00
Sunday »» $15.00

*Snowdance pass holders get 50% off lift tickets at the ski slopes!

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Falcon Trails Resort cabins are already booked full :(

Falcon Beach Ranch has sweet little log cabins not far from the Resort Hotel and the Curling Rink and are offering 20% OFF REGULAR WEEKEND RATES to weekend pass holders. Give them a call at 204.349.2410

Falcon Lake Hotel is where the Saturday night party will be held and they are offering $50/ NIGHT ROOMS TO ALL WEEKEND PASS HOLDERS. That's a heck of a deal folks.

If you miss the boat on those two local options, look into West Hawk as your next closest accommodation option (10 mins down the highway from Falcon Lake).

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